We need to treat content as our product.

Your Content Is Your Product

Alexander Novicov
4 min readAug 3, 2023


How a small shift in mindset about content can change the trajectory of your company.

Imagine you have a fantastic product. A product which helps people in their day-to-day life — but nobody knows about it. Even worse, you know deep inside your heart that more people could benefit from your product, but they don’t.

Future customers don’t benefit from it because they don’t believe you, or they don’t know about it.

What Is The Point Of Having A Good Book if Nobody Knows About It?

It can even be an event you organize and you see how people transform their life. Maybe it’s a book that you wrote and you know that if people read your book it would help them immensely.

But to sell anything requires effort, and in most cases we are not the only ones providing a service or a unique product. Most companies have competitors.

To sell, you need to run ads or you need to create content. Both are good but the latter is going to cost you more every year. So content is the obvious choice if we want to scale and grow.

What happens when you see mediocre content? People subconsciously think that your product might be the same as your content: average. They don’t believe any claims that you make.

The biggest problem with content is that we don’t treat content as a product.

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A lot of small business owners treat it as a tool to get more customers.

I’m guilty of that too. In the past, I created below average content. I published rubbish that damaged my brand and potential deals.

There are some pieces way too personal pieces that shouldn’t have been online under my name. Recently, I made all that private and not visible.

I didn’t treat content as a PRODUCT.

That’s a huge mistake, because it suggests that my services at WAY BOUTIQUE are average. Which is not true. We’ve improved a lot in the past decade.

Here’s an example of how to lose sales forever. Recently I tried to register for an ultra race but the check out process was so hard that I gave up. Two weeks ago I even spoke with the company about it but it wasn’t solved.

The whole UX (User Experience) was horrific. Their content is average, and it made me think what if the race itself is average? What if the race doesn’t have proper markings and I get lost in the middle of nowhere? I decided to spend my budget on another race.

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Lost opportunities are everywhere.

Another example is a company who, in the past 3 months, posted the same caption with different images. Their caption is: “Have a great weekend out there”

I mean that’s laziness on another level.

The most important element in content development is understanding that content is the product itself. The goal is to promote our content and see if people LOVE our content. If they do that’s great, if they don’t, we need to change something.

To create great content we need to SHOW not TELL. What most of us do is we tell, we give advice rather than SHOWING.

A great example of how high quality content can move us is this video from Ironman Vitoria-Gasteiz. I told myself that I wouldn’t do a full Ironman in 2024, but after watching their race video I somehow ended up on the checkout page.

If we truly want to sell and grow our brand we need to think of our content as a product. A product that does one of the following:

  • Entertains
  • Educates
  • Inspires

If we do a great job then we will be rewarded.

Content is the product.



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