Writing With Spelling Mistakes

Why I Make Spelling Mistakes

I committed to write weekly articles, thoughts and ideas to share with the world. I strive to write every day because that’s how you become better at writing, right?

Well, there is a small problem with this idea. When I write articles I dedicate a specific time in the morning to write them. If I don’t write them at that time I will not write anything on that day.

At the agency we have Genevieve, she is our copywriter. She does all our copy, edits all our client work and edits my articles. The problem when I write is that I write quite fast and I don’t stop to check each sentence. So when I finish writing, I might read it once again, do a few amends and then hit the green publish button.

So I don’t send all my articles to Genevieve to check because of time. Until she reads it and comes back and then I have to upload it, the process takes longer.

All articles that go to our blog on Way Boutique are checked by her thought. So on here (Medium) you might find some mistakes. I was re-reading an article I wrote and found 4 spelling mistakes and got upset with myself.

I got upset because English is my first language in writing, speaking and thinking. I went to English schools in Cyprus and we spoke in English at home. Greek is my first/second language in speaking and Russian is my third language as I only understand the basics and speak the basics.

So in my mind, I shouldn’t be making spelling and grammar mistakes. But I reminded myself yesterday that a lot of people make mistakes, nobody is perfect!

I know it’s a weakness, but you know what, I accepted it and said to myself it’s better to write, improve every time, minimize the mistakes I make and in six months I will have published X articles with X spelling mistakes.

It’s way better to have hundreds of articles with some spelling mistakes rather than zero articles with zero spelling mistakes. I know it’s damaging my ‘personal brand’ and some people will not like it but that’s okay.

The point is, I apologize to you if you find some spelling mistakes but I promise my intention is to write better and add some value to you from the articles that I write.

And I can promise you that in the next 12 months, I will improve dramatically.



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Alexander Novicov

Alexander Novicov

I wake up every day striving to become the best version of myself. I’m a human, an author, ultra runner, skydiver, speaker and CEO at Way Boutique Agency.