Finishing my spartan beast race. If we want to achieve great results, we need to make an effort.
Finishing Spartan Beast Race 2022

Don’t Put In The Effort

Alexander Novicov
2 min readJun 25, 2022


Why would you put in the effort if you don’t want to achieve a certain goal?

Sometimes I say to myself that showing up is one of the most important things. But I think showing up is not enough anymore.

Yesterday after my F45 session I asked Rhi, one of the trainers, why do I always come last on the heart rate monitor screen. Some F45 members have a heart rate monitor on their chest which is connected to the monitor in the studio that shows live on the screen what each member's heartbeat is and how hard they push themselves with a point system.

Before she answered, I asked; “Is it because I don’t push myself hard enough during the class?”. Of course it is Alex. What did you expect? Did you expect her to say that it’s a heart rate monitor glitch? Or did you expect her to say that you are a lazy guy who doesn’t put in the effort?

As an excuse, I told myself it’s because I run as well so I do 2 workouts a day and this week I was recovering from a cold. But that’s an execute, I know it and you know it.

That made me think; that showing up is not enough anymore. Showing up is the first step but if we want to improve, see growth and go to the next level we need to put our hearts and soul on the line. We need to put in the effort.

We shouldn’t put in the effort if we don’t want to achieve outstanding results, it’s simple as that. If I don’t want to achieve great results in my workouts, I shouldn’t put in the effort. That’s what I’m doing — not putting in the effort.

If I don’t want to achieve great results in content marketing-I shouldn’t be putting the effort because it takes a lot of time, dedication, consistency, creativity and energy.

We can’t expect to get to our destination without putting in the steps. We can’t expect to achieve our goals without putting in the effort.

In marketing it’s the same — we can’t say that we do marketing because we post one quote or we run one average campaign or advert. In marketing and business if we want to achieve great results, we need to make an effort to work on a creative strategy, brainstorm, create a brand story, differentiate, engage with people, do market research, find talented people to work with, come up with creative ideas and execute them.

Our brand and business growth depends on if we put in the effort. Otherwise, half-arse effort will get us half-arse results.



Alexander Novicov

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